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Welcome to my site. I am Jeff Siegel, Owner, primary photographer and digital magician of An Eye for Business. I have always had an affinity for architecture, and the design/build process. Being a creative person, I thoroughly appreciate the imagination and detailed thinking that goes into creating prodigious buildings and interior spaces. I think what architects, interior designers, engineers and major construction companies do is absolutely amazing! My appreciation and fascination for what you do is why I have chosen to make this niche my photographic specialty.

I completely understand how the photographic capture of your projects effects your marketing, and your ability to showcase your accomplishments. Yes of course, you need the standard shots of exteriors and interiors. And “Blue Hour” or dusk shots of your building is always an awe inspiring addition to the projects’ photographic gallery.

What makes me different from my contemporaries is my ability to envision how my photography impacts your marketing, and the company image that you want to project. I view, and photograph structures and interiors from many different perspectives, giving my clients much more than the standard shots to choose from.

I’m a believer in using ambient lighting. I believe that when your team designed both the structure and the interior of a given project, that every consideration was given to how the outside lighting and the use of interior lighting blended together to give the spaces depth. I use what you created to capture the true “feeling” of interior spaces.

So why chose me when there are so many good photographers out there? I’m reliable; I price my work fairly; I’m very flexible with usage licensing; and I provide my clients with edited proofs within 3 business days of the photo shoot. Approved photographs are delivered electronically usually within 2 hours after the selection of approved proofs.

If the quality of your photographic materials are important to you, then It would be an honor to serve you as a client.