A Fresh Perspective


How having a choice of photographers will improve your marketing

Does it make sense to have a stable of different photographers available to you for documenting your projects? There are definite advantages and disadvantages to having more than one photographer available to you, and why this idea will improve your marketing.

When choosing the right person to photograph your project, it’s easy to go with a photographer that you’ve previously enjoyed working with. After all, you know the quality of their work, you’ve established a good working relationship with them, they are familiar with your needs, their pricing is acceptable, and they’ve been dependable. That’s great! Each individual photographer will have a slightly different perspective, or vantage point, for the same project. How could this be an advantage to you? Let’s take a look at a couple scenarios.

As a professional photography company specializing in architectural and commercial interior design, we study dozens of our competitors, and we look at their photos for aesthetic and technical qualities. We also examine our client’s website to see how their existing photos are used and how they represent their work. What we often find is that many photographers set up their tripods at eye level and shoot from this angle. It’s a natural and comfortable stance. It is funny that you can almost tell how tall a photographer is by the angle of the shot. A majority of architectural photography is shot this way. This might make a nice shot every once in a while, but not necessarily a unique approach to professional commercial photography. When used on your website or on any of your collateral marketing materials, the image is pretty standard, and oftentimes doesn’t evoke that “wow” reaction and that emotional connection you are looking for.

So, getting back to a fresh perspective and how different photographers view the same scene. Here’s an example of the same space shot three different ways.

Same room shot at different angles. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily, just a different point of view. Notice that two of the shots were photographed at eye level, while the other image was shot from a lower angle. It’s a subtle difference, but it gives you more creative freedom as to how you present your work. Different photographers will photograph your spaces and exteriors with different points of view, and that can help you tell a different visual story.

An Eye for Business specializes entirely on architectural imagery. We know how to take professional commercial photographs that will tell your story and create that “wow” emotional reaction for your brand. We thoroughly question and listen to your needs, and we produce very high quality, and effective images from a variety of perspectives to give you better choices to choose from. You might only need 5 or 6 “Hero” shots, and we believe that providing you with an assortment of stunning shots will help you narrow down the shots that will best fit your marketing.

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